Sample Day

Here is a sample daily schedule of things the kids will get up to…  of course things will change and develop for different children’s needs and during the course of the year the seasons will impact on what we do and where… but for now here is an idea.


Daily schedule sample

Drop off – on street parking is available nearby, and the service is minutes away from Shawlands Railway station and local bus stops. While awaiting all children to arrive, early arrivals can have some self motivated play in the dedicated playroom and snack breakfast if required. Breakfast includes, home made bread / toast, ricecakes, porridge, fortified cereal, oatcakes, breadsticks, spreads, dips, carrots, cucumbers, smoothies, soya / nut / oat milk, water.

Indoor settling in, solo and group play. Get children involved and have discussion on whats happening throughout the day. Shared risk assessment for outdoor activities (partially based on season and weather).

Outdoor activities – vary dependent on weather.
Local parks – walking, scooter runs, various games + sports activities, nature foraging, bark rubbing, bird feeding, puddle jumping.
Local playgrounds – swings, roundabout, mini trampoline, climbing frame.
Mini outings – allotments, museums, libraries, shops.

Lunch and feedback on day so far. Plan for afternoon.
Food including fresh fruit, salad leaves and vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, pulses, pasta in various forms such as – sauces, soup, veggie sosage rolls, pizza, couscous salad, raw veggies, baked beans, vegiburgers, potato ‘omelette’, baked potatoes, wraps, kid curry and rice, falafel, polenta chips, sandwiches, filled pittas, humous, guacamole and other dips, seasonal fruit, fruit bars, diluted fruit juice, water.

Indoors – playroom – solo quiet time, colouring in, drawing, reading.

Any under 2 year olds requiring it will have an afternoon nap in the cot.

Outdoor activities – vary dependent on weather / season.
Gardening – including sowing, planting, tending, watering, harvesting.
Nature investigation – including bug watching, leaf collecting, pond dipping, bird feeding.
Recycling – scraps into wormery, sort other materials for garden / junk modelling / recycle bin.
Messier play in porch/ patio – including mud sculpture, casts, flower pressing, paper mache.
Group activity – including chalk drawing, train watching, ball games, general active play.
Mid afternoon story time and snacks – in the greenshed / on the grass / on the bench / in the porch / in the playroom.
Indoors – various playroom/kitchen activities.
Mixed group play with toys, board games and puzzles.
Energetic activities – dress up, dance, music making, puppets, mime, charades.
Art + craft activities – junk modeling, drawing, painting, printmaking, wall chalk drawing.
Baking in the kitchen.

Pick up / collection – self motivated individual play/ extra late afternoon snacks.