Aims and Objectives

Outline Aims

The childminding service ‘wee larches’ aims to offer a relaxed and caring atmosphere for young children to be looked after in a friendly comfortable suitable space. This part-time childcare resource will also provide an opportunity for children to interact with the outdoor environment in a safe and structured manner as well as expanding and stimulating their growth and development through imaginative play and learning both indoors and outside. As well as the experience i can bring through various creative arts i have developed over the years, i aim to be a positive male role model and break down gender stereotypes. It is also set up to appeal to both parents and children who do not currently have the time or access to interact with nature, wildlife, gardening or alternative home grown and home made food choices. I can offer a peace of mind guarantee for vegetarian and vegan families that their child will be properly looked after and cared for in an ethical and nutritious way.

Outline Objectives

Things your child will learn, skills they will develop and knowledge they will gain will include… self confidence, social play, motor skills, respect for living creatures, thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, actions + consequences, plant identification, physical balance, puzzle solving, imaginative play, basic numeracy, nature appreciation, personal health & safety, active play, food origins and healthy eating.



I am a qualified visual artist, having trained at the Glasgow School of Art and i continue to create and exhibit artwork. I also have many years experience and qualifications in the Further Education sector as well. Since my twenties i have been looking after friends’, family and neighbours’ children on a voluntary basis. This includes many years of co-ordinating community sports days and gardening activities in the street where i live and where this new childcare service will be located. As well as being friendly, patient and understanding i am flexible and able to adapt and change elements of my service as necessary to the well being of its users. I have no children of my own but am very privileged to be the godfather to a number of children and be a ‘surrogate’ uncle to many others.

About me

My name is Euan Sutherland and I’m a self employed man who has studied, worked and lived in Glasgow for most of my life. I am a keen outdoors person with an affinity for nature & the environment and am an enthusiastic recycler. I like to take photographs of wildlife, camp and hike in the hills & footpaths around the countryside. I also spend a lot of time maintaining and developing the nature garden i have constructed where i have lived for the past 12 years. A few years ago this won a national eco-gardening competition and has featured in various magazine articles. I like to read, play games and solve puzzles. I do not own a car or drive, preferring to walk, cycle, scooter or utilise public transport. I have been a vegan for over 25 years and am a passionate cook and baker. I have also been doing voluntary work with refugees and asylum seekers in recent years.


Key summary points

About the service…

  • I utilise outdoors as much as indoors, getting children used to being outside in any weather.
  • Wildlife investigation and gardening is a cornerstone of outdoor pursuits.
  • Art + craft is a backbone of indoors activities with drawing, painting, printing, and construction.
  • Imaginative play with existing games + toys along with hand made objects is encouraged.
  • A wide library of books and other resources are available for storytelling and learning.
  • Quiet periods of self motivated solo and group play are nurtured.
  • Noisy activities, making music, dancing, dressing up and role play are also included.
  • I do not rely on computers or television as a substitute for stimulating activities.
  • We all eat together with a healthy, nutritional and interesting range of vegan food.
  • I don’t provide sugar based fizzy drinks or sweets but do offer a range of healthier suitable snacks.

About the location…

  • A semi-detached house with main door stepped access.
  • Located in a quiet cul-de-sac residential area with views over Glasgow.
  • Excellent public transport links, and suitable on street parking.
  • A friendly neighbourhood where folk talk to each other.
  • Inside the house there is a purpose constructed dedicated playroom.
  • The porch and patio are used for messier structured play.
  • Out the back is a prize winning organic nature garden with many interesting features.
  • A self built green roofed shed acts as an outdoor playroom and hub for nature investigation.
  • This wildlife garden is home to many visiting creatures, from squirrels and foxes, to frogs, birds and lots of insects.
  • The house is minutes away from Pollok Park and many other outdoor play areas.

About me…

  • I am a registered childminder.
  • I am a member of the Scottish Childminding Association.
  • I am fully insured.
  • I am a PVG scheme member.
  • I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s office.
  • I am a single, middle aged, though very much youthful (in attitude) male.
  • I have a caring approach to all living creatures.
  • I am an experienced gardener and nature lover.
  • I am a qualified and practicing visual artist.
  • I am a vegan and eat organically as much as possible.
  • I cook my own meals from scratch, bake my own bread, and grow some of my own food.
  • I am not religious, though am very tolerant of different cultural backgrounds.
  • I am healthy, fit & active and a non smoker.
  • I don’t drive, but walk, cycle or use my (foot powered!) scooter.
  • I have qualifications in paediatric first aid and elementary food hygiene.
  • I am committed to continual professional development in all areas of childcare.